People to Learn From

“Eyal Doron wrote a masterpiece, a book that can change and upgrade your life. The insights provided in the book, which come from some of the most successful people in the world, can help you be more successful and be happier.” ~ Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, World lecturer and consultant, Best-selling author of Being Happy: You […]

Pumpkin the Kitten

All dogs bite!” “I do not like broccoli!” “I’m scared of rabbits!” More than once we rush to formulate an opinion based on generalization, a rumor or a single experience. But is that always true? Sometimes one attempt that did not go well makes us give up on new experiences, on new friends, and opportunities […]

The Birds’ Bakery

The Bird’s Bakery features six-year-old Kai, who discovers his parents’ bakery and café may have to close due to financial troubles. Kai is heartbroken, as the beloved bakery is his safe haven, there he helps his parents at the confectionery, every afternoon, after kindergarten. The bakery used to be bustling with customers clamoring for pastries […]

Reinventing Parenting

“Enticing in style, provocative, and even amusing, this book is a timely reflection on how to move from the Prussian-Industrial model of education based on authority and control to the one where children own their learning process.” – Isaac Getz, leadership professor, ESCP Business School, author of Freedom, Inc. and Leadership without Ego It seems like every one […]

Designing the Mind

“A groundbreaking book. It is an up-to-date and fascinating guide to the digital world […] a wake-up call for anyone with a smartphone […] as Dr. Margalit shows, in this world we are not the customers but the goods.” – Prof. Yoram Yovel, psychoanalyst, psychiatrist and brain researcher What do we know about the thin […]

Little Leopard

Marvel illustrations! Little Leopard, like any baby, exciting with his first steps of independence. Every effort of the leopard cub is critical, and so every success is a heady one, described in a sweet way that encouraging toddlers. 2014 | 26 pp. | Age 3+ | English translation available | Rights Sold: Hebrew “Undoubtedly an upcoming toddlers’ […]

Kittens for Free

5 years old girl Belle gets a sweet cat, named Pearl, whom becomes her best friend. The two teach each other essential things, chatting together “with wiggles and squirms”. A feline-human idyllic. One day Belle notices that her Pearl is having a hard time climbing trees, eating twice as she used to, sleeps a lot […]

The Invention of Tomorrow

“A stunning and unexpected book.” – Marcela Lacub, Libération The Invention of Tomorrow, a best seller work, suggests an innovative and brilliant thesis to the age-old question over which the best scientists have struggled: How did it happen that of all of the creatures inhabiting the earth, monkey-man became the ruler? What is it that […]

Five Kids and One Haim

Ily, an 11-year-old boy, narrates his family’s happenings over the past year. Specifically, he tells us about the adventures he and his siblings go through in the arduous process of convincing their mother to get them a dog. The book, written in everyday language and accompanied by amusing illustrations, tells the story of a typical, […]

Little Miss Scissors

A true harmony between the story and the illustrations! Little Miss Scissors is about a little paper-cut lady, who lives alone in a paper-cut house on a little paper hill. When the wind blows in a huge white sheet of paper to her yard, Little Miss Scissors starts to fulfill her dreams by cutting first […]