The Birds’ Bakery

The Bird’s Bakery features six-year-old Kai, who discovers his parents’ bakery and café may have to close due to financial troubles. Kai is heartbroken, as the beloved bakery is his safe haven, there he helps his parents at the confectionery, every afternoon, after kindergarten. The bakery used to be bustling with customers clamoring for pastries and sweets. Now, for some unknown reason, it’s empty – the only visitors are birds! But Kai’s creative thinking and ingenuity lead to a fantastical plan for the bakery that could bring customers flocking back.

The Bird’s Bakery is a flurry of fun with a powerful lesson: Little children can solve big problems, if adults them spread their wings and fly. The book is, first and foremost, an entertaining story, but it also illustrates how every crisis offers potential for growth and opportunity. Facing the unknown can be scary, but if we take stock of everything around us, unexpected and unlikely answers often come. We just have to use our imaginations. The Birds’ Bakery shows that everybody, including children, can change their reality. It also instills values such as kindness, generosity and an appreciation for nature, family, and strangers.

2016 | 25 pp. | Age 4+ | English translation available | Rights Sold: Hebrew

“Tammy Brown-Elkeles’s new book, The Birds’ Bakery, tackles head-on the sensitive issue of a child’s financial situation in a sensible and exceptional manner.” – Shai Rudin, PhD, professor of children’s and young adult literature

“This book encapsulates a world of love, dreams and hope, where abundant creativity triumphs over material scarcity.” – Sarit Peled, influential book blogger

Tammy Brown-Elkeles is an author of children books, screenwriter and playwright. Her inteligent works have received extensive exposure in the media, she frequently speaks to promote her books at schools and other venues, and has been teaching kids how to elaborate creative thinking.

Shira Korach is a talent illustrator, animator and designer. She illustrates children’s books and were worked on several animation projects, as well as an instructor of animation and illustration at Minshar School of Art, Israel.