Reinventing Parenting Can we Raise our Kids to be Creative?

Eyal Doron
Eyal Doron

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Enticing in style, provocative, and even amusing, this book is a timely reflection on how to move from the Prussian-Industrial model of education based on authority and control to the one where children own their learning process.”

– Isaac Getz, leadership professor, ESCP Business School, author of Freedom, Inc. and Leadership without Ego

It seems like every one of us parents is troubled by one concern: How to prepare our children for a world that is so uncertain and unpredictable.

The world has changed, it’s about time our parenting changed along with it. Forget everything you read and heard about the “right” way of parenting.

There is a new model of parenting that invites us to discover our creativity & innovativeness and enable our children to dare & imagine.

Reinventing Parenting invites us to become the parents our children need us to be: Creative parents who inspire their children to be curious & resourceful. It deals with the most crucial topics, such as:

  • Help your child develop their own vision in life
  • Undermine rigid assumptions about what it means to be a “good” parent
  • Stop fearing screen time and video games and turn them into a window of opportunity
  • Bring the work problem-solving version of yourself into your home and family life
  • What can we learn from the world’s leading YouTubers
  • Go from rule-based parenting to value-based parenting
  • Don’t be afraid to go against the tide – your gut instincts are still your children’s greatest asset
  • Turn your parenting into an enjoyable and guilt-free zone

2019 |  202 pp. | English translation available | Rights Sold: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Complex), Korean, Polish, Hebrew

“Eyal Doron’s prescription for the education of today is essential if we’re to be prepared for the world of tomorrow.  A must read for parents, teachers and all those concerned with the future of our global village.” – Tal Ben-Shahar, best-selling author of Being Happy: You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Lead a Richer, Happier Life, co-founder of the Happiness Studies Academy.

“Eyal’s new book, Reinventing Parenting couldn’t come at a more important time. As COVID has up-ended education around the world, the time is right for a total re-thinking of educational practices and Eyal sets our sights on what’s important in education.“ – Etta Kralovec, professor of Teacher Education at the University of Arizona, and author of The End of Homework.

“This book is informative and beneficial for both parents and professionals.  It covers a range of contemporary topics, such as motivation and homework, pertaining to stimulating children’s engagement in the educational process. Parents’ roles in interacting with their children to stimulate their educational interest is a focus of the book. Eyal Doron has included reference to scholarly concepts and leaders in the field. These are presented in a highly understandable and readable manner. We highly recommend this book for all those who are interested in furthering children’s education in the 21st century.” – Allen W. Gottfried, Ph.D., professor of psychology and director, Fullerton Longitudinal Study & Adele Eskeles Gottfried, Ph.D., professor of educational psychology, California State University, and director, Fullerton Longitudinal Study.

“In his book, Reinventing Parenting, Dr. Doron offers novel perspectives on parenting and education in the 21st century, original and exciting insights backed by a thorough body of knowledge on parenting and education, and above all – highly practical. Now more than ever, we need to re-examine the way we parent and lead the new generation.” – Professor Mario Mikulincer, founding Dean, Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology, Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya. 

“By offering readers a different way to understand how children learn in an ever-changing world, Eyal Doron provides parents with a way out of contemporary guilt-ridden parenting.  This is a well-informed, provocative, and smart offer.”  – Paula S. Fass, author of The End of American Childhood:  A History of Parenting from Life on the Frontier to the Managed Child.

Dr. Eyal Doron is a researcher, best-selling author, and corporate lecturer with expertise in developing creative thinking, creative strategy, and leadership. He is the Head of the Interdisciplinary Division of Psychology and Philosophy at the School of Psychology and Head of “Creativity in Action” Executive Program, at the IDC Herzliya. Dr. Doron has also developed the SEISEI method for enhancing creativity, recently announced as one of the 100 most innovative and inspiring educational methods in the world by “HundrED”, in Helsinki, Finland.

Doron is a TED speaker, one of the most popular lecturers in Israel and a key-note speaker in conferences about the future of education, the workforce in the 21st century, and creative management. He is also a permanent guest in the local media and a leading public figure in the fields of creativity and innovation. He has created and presented several popular television shows on parenting & education in the 21st century for Israel’s leading television channels.