Eyal Doron

Eyal Doron is a researcher, best-selling author, and corporate lecturer with expertise in developing creative thinking, creative strategy, and leadership. He is the Head of the Interdisciplinary Division of Psychology and Philosophy at the School of Psychology and Head of “Creativity in Action” Executive Program, at the IDC Herzliya. This year he became a chief-consultant to Israel’s minister of education and is headlining a city-wide educational initiative.

Doron is also the Inventor of the SEISEI method for enhancing creativity, recently announced as one of the 100 most innovative and inspiring educational methods in the world by “HundrED”, in Helsinki, Finland.

Doron is a TED speaker, one of the most popular lecturers in Israel and a key-note speaker in conferences about the future of education, the workforce in the 21st century, and creative management. He is also a permanent guest in the local media and a leading public figure in the fields of creativity and innovation. He has created and presented several popular television shows on parenting & education in the 21st century for Israel’s leading television channels.