White Smoke

A rare glimpse into a mind in acute depression. A true and powerful story! White smoke is not just another addition to the shelf of novels about the treatment of madness, personality disorder and major depression, but a piercing and thrilling true story read breathlessly. A text that captures the reader’s consciousness with the measured and […]

The Orchard

“The novel we’ve been waiting two thousand years for.” -Sarah Blau, author At the heart of the book is Rabbi Akiva and his complicated relationship with his wife, Rachel, who met him when he was a forty-year-old illiterate shepherd, married him against her father’s will, and compelled him to study the Torah (the five books […]


Adele is read as a rollercoaster ride. Station chases station, event follows event, and before the readers’ eyes unfold the events, characters and forces that have altered the face of Judaism beyond recognition. It is the story of the Baal Shem-Tov, the founder of Hassidic Judaism, told through the eyes of his daughter, Adele, whose personality […]

Inventors and Discoverers series

The story of great discoveries is the story of the scientists who discovered them. It is the story of the people who did the inconceivable, who saw first what others could not have even imagined. The series Inventors and Discoverers exposes children to the greatest scientists in history and their personal lives. It explains how scientists think, […]

The Magical Letter

A magical story based on the idea of “pay-it-forward”! As he discovers writing, Nitai decides to write a letter to his mother. His words are passed on from one person to another and magically touch them in a very meaningful way. The story is told from a unique point of view that of the letter […]

A Night at the Playground

Such a strange little boy he is, Ben Guggenheim. He always wants things when it’s not the right time! Or wants what there is – but not straight away,And what there is none of he must have, today!One evening near bedtime, it’s already dark He goes with his parents to play in the park! Ben likes […]

Diary of a Shark Catcher

Stunning Interplay between text and illustrations. Diary of a Shark Catcher is not just another diary for young readers. Through skilled and touching writing, it renders the internal world of a teenage girl, Gal, who runs away from her home in Jerusalem, aiming to solve the riddle of her father’s disappearance. The story follows one pivotal […]

A Whale on a Sunny Day

An ingenious story about dealing with breakup and depression at a young age. A little girl wakes up in the middle of the night and hears an unbearable whistle. The adults do not understand her condition and think that the noise she hears in her mind is just a kettle, or the neighbor’s whistles. A […]

Simon Says

Do what Dad says, Listen to adults And follow the rules … Young children’s daily routines are full of instructions which they must obey. But sometimes a child wants to fly on the wings of imagination and be King for one night, decide that it is permitted to jump on the bed, ride wolves or […]

Aryeh Ben-Naim the 14th

A wonderful and captivating children’s book that deals with a highly important issue occupying the minds of so many children: the need to be like everyone else. Aryeh Ben-Naim doesn’t like his name anymore. All the kids around him have regular names, and only he has the name of an eighty-year-old grandfather. It isn’t a […]