A Night at the Playground

Aviel Basil
Aviel Basil

Such a strange little boy is Amnon Ben Tamim!
He always wants things when it’s not a good time!
Or wants what there is – but not straight away,
And what there is none of he must have, today!
You ask for some quiet and he shouts and screams,
You call and you call him and he just daydreams!
At study time he desperately wants to go out.
But when everyone plays he wants in, have no doubt!
Oh, such a strange little boy is Amnon Ben Tamim!

Amnon likes to do things his own way, and at his own convenience. His parents are nerds, who enforce and observe every rule. One late evening, his parents decide to comply with his wishes and take the boy to the playground, where shortly after he realizes that “to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” (Ecclesiastes ch.3). And so, through the “plot”, Amnon comes to an organic understanding of the value of order, and his parents realize the crucial importance of its occasional disturbance.

Janury 2021 | 38 pp. | Age 4+ | English translation available | Rights Sold: English (world), Hebrew

“Jonathan Yavin, one of the most original and fruitful children writers in the country, successfully tells an amusing and eye-opening story, in which he threads – without being reproachful – educational elements like behavioral mirroring, learning by experience and the need to reach conclusions independently. The story is accompanied by the energetic and humorous illustrations of Aviel Basil, and together they make this book especially enjoyable” – Carmit Sapir, Maariv, daily

“As usual, Jonathan writes in a funny and empathetic way, Aviel Basil is a terrific illustrator and their collaboration makes for a fabulous book!” – Meira Barnea Goldberg, Mako site

A night at the playground ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐deals with the subject of reluctant children in a great and useful approach. A smart and adorable children’s book, holding loads of insights for parents. My daughter was wildly laughing all along and I felt the message the writer was trying to deliver really got to her. This book is just doing a wonderful job dealing with objections. One of the most enjoyable books for me to read to my Zoe, perfect for kids of 3-8.” – The Girl with a Book, blog

“A shaky book!” – Danny Nadnedany, Moznaim, journal
“Surprising plot twists!” – Glicha Medronsky, Galgalatz, radio
“Inspired by the holy scriptures…” – J. Dyson, The Sandbox, journal

Jonathan Yavin is a journalist and the author of 13 books, recipient of the 2012 Literary Prime Minister Award. Among his published works are 6 children’s books, 2 novels for teens, 3 novels for adults, and a writer’s guide. All of his books were met with raving reviews, sold very handsomely and were repeatedly reprinted. His most successful book, Pumpkin the Kitten, sold over 70,000 copies and is part of the school book list in Israeli kindergartens and schools.

Aviel Basil has illustrated more than a dozen children’s books and won, among other awards, the Israel Museum Silver Medal award for children book illustration for his first book. He illustrates for magazines, advertisement and worked on character and background designs for various apps and animations. His style is inspired by the 50’s illustration and has become well-known for his bright and colorful palette.