The Magical Letter

Elinor Milchan
Writer & Illustrator:
Elinor Milchan

2018 Time Out selection for Best 10 Children's Books at the Book Fair: "an innocent and joyful book."

A magical story based on the idea of “pay-it-forward”!

As he discovers writing, Nitai decides to write a letter to his mother. His words are passed on from one person to another and magically touch them in a very meaningful way. The story is told from a unique point of view that of the letter – and thus follows the letter’s journey from one person to the next, intensifying the magical qualities of the story. The Magical Letter is a book for anyone who has ever had something to say, but never dared say it out loud. A story that inspires children to believe in the power of their own words, their importance and the impact they can have on others. Its powerful message will continue to emanate long after they have put it down.

This book is an open-ended invitation for teachers and parents to empower their children to express themselves and write their own letters. To communicate what is on their mind as well as in their hearts, knowing that whatever they write will be taken wholeheartedly and with rippling effects.

2018 | 42 pp. | Age 5+ | English & French translation available | Rights Sold: Hebrew
62,000 copies sold in Israel small market

“A magical Book that touches the heart of children as well as adults The book itself is a work of art that one cannot ignore.” – Tamar Perlshtein, Makor Rishon, weekly newspaper

“A book that reflects on the power and beauty of kind words.” – Sarit Flain, writer and teacher

Elinor Milchan is a photographer and video artist. Taught at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. She is the co-founder of Artea Projects, co-curating public art projects, has published three books including a children’s book project she created with Keren Ann Zeidel.