Upside Down

Dr. Harari’s previous three books have all become bestsellers and won The Israeli Publishers
Association’s Gold Medal

How do we realize our potential and break boundaries?

According to Jewish thought, creative thinking is a key component for a significant change in personal life and in the world at large. For thousands of years, Jews were innovative in everything they did. Even today, Israel is considered the nation of innovation. One reason for this is that Jews adopted the Jewish principles of creative thinking. When the whole world went in one direction, they went in the opposite and applied thinking that turned the basic assumptions of the world upside down.

Creative thinking is not just about solving a concrete problem. Its purpose is to enhance our vitality. It is therefore needed not only in business and science, but also in other areas of our life that are no less important: relationships, education, the adoption of a healthy life, parenthood and social relations. When a person practices creative thinking, they will be able to cope better with every situation, whether it be going to the battlefield, or attending a business conference, or dealing with a family crisis.

Upside Down is concerned with realizing the potential of the intellect and learning how to live life to its fullest. The book thoroughly examines the concept of creative thinking according to Jewish thought, explains why it is recommended to adopt and infuse in all areas of our lives, and shows how to encourage and develop such thinking, and how, unfortunately, it can too often and too easily be extinguished.

2019 | 340 pp. | English sample | Rights Sold: Chinese (Simplified), Hebrew

“An option for a new life embodied in Upside Down.” – Liat Regev, Reshet Beit, radio

“Everyone can get more out of himself, no matter what the conditions.” – Emily Amrusi, Israel Hayom, newspaper

Dr. Yehiel Harari is a highly sought-after speaker and director of workshops that practices insights of Jewish thought. Harari worked as a journalist, a parliamentary aide and senior adviser to government ministries, and has taught at TAU, Israel.