Uncle Leo’s Adventures

Yaniv Shimony
Yaniv Shimony
Uncle Leo's Adventures in the Romanian Steppes (2008)
Uncle Leo's Adventures in the Siberian Jungle (2009)
Uncle Leo's Adventures in the Swiss Desert (2010)
Uncle Leo's Adventures in the West Pole (2011)
Uncle Leo's Adventures in the Sahara's Forests (2012)
Uncle Leo's Adventures in the Tibetan Ocean (2014)

2017 - A play in Hebrew, based on the series stories, Habima National Theater, Israel

2016 Dvora Omer Award for children's literature

2016 - A Play in Arabic, based on the series stories, Almina Theatre, Israel

2013 The Best Foreign Children's Book prize by the kids Hankook Ilbo, South Korea

2010 Israel Museum Ben-Yitzhak Award for Illustrations of Children’s Book

2010 Public Libraries Prize for Children's literature

Each book of the series wons The Israeli Publishers Association's Gold Medal for a bestselling book

Selected for school's curriculum by The Israeli Ministry of Education

A Dramatic Reading show

2008–2014 | 75-85 pp. | 5-11 | English translation available | Rights Sold: Korean, Czech, English – India subcontinent, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Japanese, Chinese, Macedonian, Hungarian, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Israel (Hebrew+Arabic)
Over 900,000 copies has been sold in Israel alone!

Uncle Leo is no ordinary Uncle. He’s an uncle of stories. But Uncle Leo’s stories are also not ordinary because he gets stuck on a cloud, becomes the court jester of the walk-on-your-hands Kingdom, his four hairs save his life and he is even turned into a cockroach! And that’s not all!

Uncle Leo’s adventures are books of fantasy and reality, exaggeration and factuality, illustrated with colorful, humorous dramatic drawings by Yaniv Shimony. Uncle Leo, a modern incarnation of Baron Munchausen, speaks out to children and youngsters as well as their parents.

Each book of the series offers 4-5 adventures of Uncle Leo accompanied by the story of Andy, Graham and their parents. Through the family’s relationships, the readers discover the multiple role and creative power of stories in our life.

Uncle Leo’s Adventures is the most successful book series in Israel.” – Sarai Shavit, Mako, web site

Uncle Leo’s Adventures in the Romanian Steppes is not only a gladdening and humorous book for children as well as adults, but it teaches us… that although all stories on earth are lies and exaggerations, what taste would our routine and boring life have had without them?” – Kobi Niv, Globes, financial newspaper

“A very generous book… the best classical children’s literature will be traced in its layered stories along witty satire that gives it an appeal to children as well as adults. My daughters and I enjoyed it very much.” – Dov Elbaum, Yedioth Aharonoth newspaper and Radio 88FM

“Author Yannets Levi exploded onto the scene with the Uncle Leo’s Adventures series and became, in a very impressive sense, a sensation…Levi succeeds in imbuing the books with an updated, funny atmosphere and toprovide – even in the forth book which has just come out – an amusing experience of the highest order…The success of the series is apparent in the sales, and the enthusiastic critical reviews….”. – Yotam Schwimmer, Ynet, news site

“It’s nothing less than pure pleasure… when reaching the end of the book the young generation asked the obvious question: ‘When is the next book published?'” – Shiri Katz, City Mouse, weekly magazin

“The Most adorable Uncle Leo is back… all his adventures promote values of gumption and fortitude of the antihero, the common survivor in an arbitrary wonderful world.” – Galia Yahav, Timeout

Uncle Leo Adventures fills the missing link between childhood and adulthood; his very existence is a comforting experience… [The book] also deals with the therapeutic power of stories.” – Rinat Primo, Ynet, news site

“The story-telling uncle once again shows true sense of humor and ability to fascinate his listeners in the veranda as well as the readers.” – Yehiam Padan, Smell of a New Book

Uncle Leo’s Adventures are a delightful collection of funny and sometimes even crazy stories, full of humor and dulcet exaggerations and absurdities.” – Mor Asal, La’Isha Magazine

Uncle Leo’s Adventures is a series of top-quality books for self reading as well as listening.” – Disney Magazine

“…recommended for early chapter book readers because of its clarity, the light suspense and humor – as much as the first three books.” – Yehiam Padan, Smell of a New Book

Yannets Levi is a celebrated top writer of children’s books, fiction, TV drama, a TV host and a lecturer. In addition to his mega bestseller series for children Uncle Leo’s Adventures, which sold over 900,000 in Israel alone as well as hundreds of thousand worldwide, he authored two bestsellers for children and two bestsellers novels.

Yaniv Shimony is a top artist in Israel. He was an art director in some of Israel’s largest advertising companies, a comics’ artist in London, and drew Judge Dred for the magazine 2000 AD. In last years he focuses on illustrating children’s books, some of which have become best sellers and won prizes for illustration, comics, animation and concept designing.