The Art of Elevation

To what extent does our children’s happiness depend on us? This key question preoccupies most of us. According to Jewish thought, we parents have a significant role in our children’s emotional education; but in order to execute it properly we must adopt a discourse of elevation that will enable them to overcome crises and win internal battles, strengthen their belief in themselves, and discover hidden powers.

The Art of Elevation introduces the reader to the art of raising a healthy and happy child, following the blueprint of Jewish wisdom. Parenthood at its highest form, argued the sages, is not an intuitive act, and education demands effort and thought. Education is intended to help children learn how to win internal-emotional battles in their youth and in adulthood alike. According to this approach, emotional guidance is the main aspect of educational work entrusted to parents.

This book champions learning based on a unique parental discourse, a sort of new language, very different from the one prevalent. This language is meant to help children elevate their emotional reality so as to be able to rid themselves of unwanted emotions such as anger, outbursts of rage, fear, guilt, selfishness, insecurity, reclusiveness and escapism, and to promote constructive and healthy emotions in a changing environment

2017 | 341 pp. | English sample | Rights Sold: Chinese (Simplified), Hebrew

“I gulped down every word in Yehiel Harari’s splendid new book. I think this is an indispensable book for mothers, educators and anyone interested in developing awareness with regard to internal-emotional development.”
– Miri Shneorson, TV channel 1

“His latest book is also his most important The Art of Elevation, a wonderful new book by Dr. Yehiel Harari.”
– Liat Regev, IBA Radio

“Many parenting books come out, and most are banal, but Yehiel Harari’s book is intriguing”
– Avri Gilad, TV and Radio host

Dr. Yehiel Harari is a highly sought-after speaker and director of workshops that practices insights of Jewish thought. Harari worked as a journalist, a parliamentary aide and senior adviser to government ministries, and has taught at TAU, Israel.