Naharin: Notes and Conversations on his Work

The first book about the groundbreaking and celebrated world dancer Ohad Naharin who developed the GAGA movement language!

Conversations with Ohad Naharin are intriguing and challenging. For years, Gaby Aldor has been following Naharin choreographer, artist and artistic director of the BatSheva Dance Company his work, his journeys with his company, and his development as a fascinating artist. Today, he is considered one of the most important dance artists in the world. He is the developer of GAGA a movement language intended for both dancers and non-dancers, and his works are internationally renowned, quoted and appreciated. For his achievements, Naharin has been awarded the Israel Prize, the Emet Prize, the Bessie Prize in the US, and the French Legion of Honor, amongst others.

2017 | 318 pp. Includes color pics | English sample | Rights Sold: Polish, Hebrew

“Surprisingly enough, this is the first book ever to deal with Ohad Naharin’s work, the man who not only completely changed the landscape of Israeli dance, but is also considered one of the leading choreographers in the world The book, like the image on the inner cover, refuses definitions, dotted with subtle humor This book tries to do the unthinkable to create words to dance to. There is something poetic and lyrical, observant, feathery in its touch, leaving breathing space for the readers.” – Merav Yudelevich, Habama, website

“Aldor writes from the heart, with a sincerity and warmth that manage to bring the reader in while also challenging the theoretical dimensions of the book. Her style may seem impressionistic, but it suits her enigmatic subject and the mystery shrouding Naharin’s works, which demand a sort of an endless search in the dark.” – Elad Smorzik, Ha’aretz, newspaper

Gaby Aldor is a writer and editor of dance books, as well as a leading consultant, an expert of the Israeli dance scene with vast knowledge in the field. The book includes photographs by photographer Gadi Dagon, who has been documenting Naharin and his work throughout the years.

Gadi Dagon, is a celebrated photographer who has been documenting Ohad Naharin and his work over the years.