My book of Dreams

Lena Guberman
Lena Guberman

2018 Special Prize for illustration by international illustration contest BookILL Fest

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There is no other book about dreams like this!

My Book of Dreams deals with representations of dreams in literature and art among various cultures. It draws its inspiration from the subjective experience and artistic creation that is a dream. The book is an ongoing catalyst for an interactive experience shared by children and the people closest to them, providing opportunity for enjoyment and fun. For children, it’s a time when a parent is present, focused and engaged” an experience of mutual sharing.

The book is organized like a diary or a journal, in which a parent documents a child’s dreams, ideally unfettered by the boundaries of time and culture. The illustrations in the book were chosen to trigger a child’s imaginings and to inspire them to give free reign to their dreams.

My Book of Dreams is a place where the parent and child can come together in an unstructured and non-judgmental manner, where the child can share his dream experience with his parent. The parent is the non-directive recorder, helping the child to find a voice for his dream thoughts.

The work is suggested with two creative covers for selection – a folded paper craft (changing images); and a colorful eye-catching Illustration.

2016 | 52 pp. | Age 6-106 | English translation available | Rights Sold: Hebrew

“A glimpse in My Book of Dreams succeeded breaking at once my critical wall and melt it completely. I looked at the work and I knew right away – it’s a book that I want to give my child a gift. Who am I kidding – I want it for myself. My book of Dreams is a wonderful gift to accompany your beloved for years – when they open it and enjoy again remember the dreams and memories written in it […..] This is the perfect gift for children but also many adults so delighted to get – not just a beautiful book, with beautiful pictures, but an opportunity to grant a gift of dream.”        
Liron Ohana, Saloona, Internet’s women magazine

“The book deals with curious questions such as what do we feel when we dream, how dreams create, why we remember only part of the dream, what the power of dreams is – and whether there is a difference between dreams in different cultures […] Enriching gift for adults and children, accompanied by imaginative illustrations by Lena Guberman.” – Carmit Sapir Weits, Ma’ariv, daily newspaper

“This book you will want to lay bedside your bed, discuss with your child and enjoy how it looks no less than what it says.” – Nisha, design journal

“I brought this book home and immediately wanted to hide it. It is too nice for my kids, they should wash thoroughly before touching it – and even then it is a sacrifice on my part …. So to whom I let touch my book? To gentle and subtle children, dreamy, who appreciate the craftsmanship of the artist Lena Guberman – and not only the three-dimensional piece that adorns the cover… Each page of Guberman illustration is more spectacular than the previous … perfect.” 
– Yaffa Madi, La’isha, weekly women journal

Sarit Eliahu is a drama therapist (MA), psychotherapist and Dyadic therapist, who focuses on dyadic parent-child relationships for the last 16 years and researches the dreams phenomena among children and adult. Her books are based of her personal and professional experiance. Her first book, My Book of Dreams, is praised by critics and parents alike for its ideas and captivating illustrations, and became a best seller. Her second book, A Notebook of One’s Own, emerged from her personal experience of pregnancy and birth and the desire to share it with other women.

Lena Guberman is a talent artist and a prize-winning illustrator. She illlustrated many books and won three times(!) the Israel Museum award for illustaration.