Grandpa’s Back Blocks Everything

Nevo Ziv
Nevo Ziv

Shahar Kober
Shahar Kober

2020 Fine Books for Everyone Award by Taiwan Public Library

2019 The Minister of Culture Prize for Outstanding Childre's Book

2019 selected for the school book list by the Ministry of Education

2018 was shortlisted for Hapinkas Prize - The Best Children's Book

2017 IJungle Merit Medal, Illustration category, world competition

Every little child who has ever ridden on a bicycle with an adult has faced the same problem: the adult sits in front and blocks everything ahead from the view of the child behind him. In Grandpa’s Back Blocks Everything, the author describes this sweet-and-sour experience, telling the story of a grandson taken by his grandfather on a bike-ride through the city with great charm. On the one hand, the grandfather’s familiar back provides a sense of security and confidence. On the other hand, it hides everything that interests the little child (cats, people, streetlights and roads). The world reveals itself from above, from below and from either side, but the curious child wants to see the complete picture, to see everything. This is an amusing and original story told from the unique point of view of a child. It explores inter-generational relationships and the love and adventure that comprises them.

2017 | 30 pp. | Age 4+ | English translation available | Rights Sold: Chinese (Complex), Russian, Hebrew

“Every child will find himself in this book.” – Ynet, website

“Shahar Kober’s beautiful illustrations bring the child’s point of view into life.” – City Mouse, culture magazine

“The book is full of love for urban life, for bicycles, and for grandparents.” – Haaretz, newspaper

“A stunning book that brings together grandparents and grandchildren, with unique illustrations from the point of view of a child.” – TV Channel 10

“A perfect picture book. Nevo Ziv writes as if he has the soul of a child. Lingering over Shahar Kober’s wonderful illustrations is a must.” – Atara Ofek, children’s writer and editor

Nevo Ziv is an author, playwright, and journalist of the largest circulation daily newspaper in Israel. His stories for children suggest unique points of view and recieve heaps of prais. His play for children won 2 prizes at the international festival of Children’s theater in Israel, and his drama play is shown at the National Theatre starting in May 2021. His script for children is currently in production.

Shahar Kober is an international illustrator and art director who has won numerous awards. His works are published in the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, South Korea and Israel. His clients include: HarperCollins US, Scholastic Books US, Usborne Publishing UK, Egmont publishing UK, Little Tiger Press UK.
Selected awards: Communication Arts Illustration Award of Excellence, 3×3 Magazine Book Show Merit Award, Sydney Taylor Honor Award, iJungle Merit Award.