Albert’s Tall Hat

Naama Benziman
Writer & Illustrator:
Naama Benziman

Brilliant perspectives – funny story!

Albert is a special boy, with a very tall hat.
His mother builds him a special bed, a very very long one.
She buys a special car, to fit his very tall hat. She even goes looking for a new house, to fit his very tall hat.
When one day the hat flies away in the wind, Albert worries about how his mom will react.
But soon both mother and son realize that life is richer when Albert can do all the things that little boys do,
now that the hat is not there to hold him back.

It takes a glimpse to burst into loud laugh. Albert’s Tall Hat integrates funny story with beautiful drawings of various perspectives. It deals with parents deep desire for unique and successful children at any “price”. Children are entranced by the story of Albert and his hat, while parents appreciate the subtext that raises thoughtful questions about what is the best way to raise our children.

2009 | 31pp. | Age 4+ | English translation available | Rights Sold: Korea, Israel

“The visual language in the book is especially varied and rich… a fine job of transmitting a wide range of sensations and emotions. The words follow a narrative line, but the nuances are revealed mainly in the images.”  – David Rapp, Ha’aretz, newspaper

“This book is so good that it deserves to be placed on a par with classics such as Soul Bir’ and The Giving Tree. Each reading will uncover a new dimension.  This book is suitable for small kids, big kids and adults… full of expression and feeling, and very unique… The most charming children’s book I’ve come across lately.” – Yael Shachar-Sarid, Parents & Children, magazine

“Naama Benziman, who illustrated and wrote this book with talent, captures a feeling that is familiar to so many parents who have climbed up very tall hats. She also gives them a ladder to climb down.” 
– Hadas Leibovitch, Best Children’s Books of the Year of City Mouse

Naama Benziman is an acclaimed illustrator, author, editor, curator and lecturer at Israel’s most prestigious visual arts academies. Her artwork has been featured throughout Europe, North and South America, and Asia. She is an award-winning artist, and her children’s books have been highly praised by critics. Among her long list of awards winning, Naama won the 2018 IBBY Honour Citation bythe prestigious Andersen Children’s books Honour List.