A Notebook of One’s Own

A one-of-a-kind guide book for emotional support during pregnancy. Each illustration is a work of art that inspires ideas and thoughts.

“Why did no one ever tell me?”

During pregnancy, our main concern is the health of the fetus and the mother carrying it. Medical surveillance, blood tests, screenings, anatomy scans, measurements and weighings, are all performed to ensure a succesful birth. But do we pay attention to the pregnant woman’s feelings? What does it really feel like to be pregnant? Which thoughts, dreams and sensations are awakened when a new life is developing within the body?

A Notebook of One’s Own was written for pregnant women. It provides important information on the emotional processes that take place during this unique and meaningful period, as well as a space in which, through writing and recording her dreams, a woman can “let it all out” the hopes, anxieties, questions and uncertainties that occupy so many women during this time of upheaval and adjustment.

The book is made up of 14 chapters, each followed by illustrations, as well as blank pages where the reader can express her thoughts and reflections about the chapter she has just read and pregnancy in general. Reading this book is like having a conversation with a good friend, who knows how to say exactly the right thing, to be there and listen unconditionally, come what may.

2020 | 145 pp. | English sample | Rights Sold: Hebrew

“Pregnancy is a time when every small consolation or shoulder to lean on means the whole world it has everything: unconditional, non-judgmental understanding, a peaceful corner just for me, like someone taking me by the hand through this turbulent time of pregnancy, and especially during these days of Coronavirous I can’t recommend A Notebook of One’s Own enough” – Iamyaure, Blogger

“A book that provides explanations in plain language about most of the processes that we experience during this period if I had had it from the start of my pregnancy, it would have helped me get my head straight and given me that personal space that I searched so dearly to find in each pregnancy.” – Gridistyle, Blogger

Sarit Eliahu is a drama therapist (MA), psychotherapist and Dyadic therapist, who focuses on dyadic parent-child relationships for the last 16 years and researches the dreams phenomena among children and adult. Her books are based of her personal and professional experiance. Her first book, My Book of Dreams, is praised by critics and parents alike for its ideas and captivating illustrations, and became a best seller. Her second book, A Notebook of One’s Own, emerged from her personal experience of pregnancy and birth and the desire to share it with other women.

Adi Brosh, mother, clinical psychologist at her private clinic; member of the Tel Aviv Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis. Her thesis examined the ability to predict postpartum depression based on the dreams of pregnant women. She believes that dreaming, playfulness and creativity spark personal development.

Tamar Dovrat is an illustrator and a pattern designer. she graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design where she studied in the Visual Communication department. She illustrates books, frequently contributes to magazins, and creats artworks for companies.